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Licence for Compulsory School Teachers

Compulsory School Teachers

Application for authorization to use the professional title Compulsory School Teacher cf. Act No 87/2008 (in English) on the education and recruitment of Preschool Teachers, Compulsory School Teachers, Upper Secondary School Teachers and Principals.

Application for authorization to use the professional title Compulsory School Teacher  

A Master´s Degree is from the year 2008 the general requirement for getting a teacher´s licence at all levels instead of a three years Bachelor Degree before. (Those who completed their teacher´s education before 1. July 2012 may have the right to get a licence based on older legislation i.e. a Bachelor Degree). 

Compulsory school teachers are required to have a Master´s Degree (300 ECTS or equivalent) and therin 120 ECTS minimum in teaching and pedagogic studies and 120 ECTS minimum in a compulsory school subject area. Other variations of education fullfilling the requirements of getting a teacher´s licence can be found especially within the fields of the arts, technical education and qualified trades.  

Certified copies of all final examinations documents and a summary of academic record must be submitted with the application. Documents may be certified by the educational institution in question, the Directorate of Education, at a police station or by the district commissioner.

Nationals of the member states of the European Economic Area must submit certificates of recognized teaching qualifications in states within the area.

Translation of all documents must be approved by a certified translator.