1. Forsíða
  2. Directorate of Education

Directorate of Education

The Directorate of Education was established on October 1st 2015, following the adoption of Act no. 91/2015. The Directorate is an administrative institution in the field of education and its main objective is to improve quality and support progress in education in accordance with law and government policies, best evidence and international standards.

The Directorate of Education has taken over responsibilities from the former Education Testing Institute and The National Centre for Educational Materials. The Directorate has also assumed responsibility for certain administrative tasks from the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture and for new projects such as the implementation of the National agreement on literacy.

The Directorates main tasks are to:

  • Provide all school children with diverse and quality education material in accordance with the Icelandic national curriculum guide.
  • Monitor and evaluate school progress. Conduct national coordinated examinations and international studies such as PISA.
  • Collect, analyze and disseminate information on education and to provide educational authorities, professionals and the public with information and guidance in educational matters. 
  • Conduct administrative tasks related to the implementation of the national curriculum and qualifications, accreditation of private schools, licensing of teachers and services to students.