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Directorate of Education

The Directorate of Education

Registration (application) for admittance to upper secondary school - Autumn Term 2023

Licence applications:

Teaching licences

On April 1 last a new law on the Directorate of Education and School Services came into force. It is a new service and knowledge organization that works in the interest of children and young people in the field of education. The organization serves kindergartens, primary and secondary schools throughout the country with an emphasis on the quality of education and school services.

With the entry into force of the law, the National Agency for Education was abolished and various projects were transferred to the Ministry of Education and Children's Affairs. Among those projects are:

Processing and issuing of licenses for teachers, study and career advisors and library and information specialists.
Applications are made on the form website of the Council of Ministers
See more information here.


Letters to students and parents regarding the Icelandic National Examination:

New grading system

Information sheet for parents/guardians and for students in 10th grade of compulsory school

Advise on reading 

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