Registration (application) for admittance to upper secondary school for the Autumn Term 2019

Pre-registration of 10th grade students takes place from March 8th to April 12th, 2019.

Pre-registration of students currently in 10th grade (born 2002 or later) starts Monday, March 5th and concludes Friday, April 13th. Students will receive a letter from Menntamálastofnun (Directorate of Education, Iceland), containing a web key (veflykill) enabling them to register online and instructions on the application process. The letter will be handed out in their lower secondary school. Parents/guardians will also receive a letter from Menntamálastofnun containing information about the registration procedure. Students in 10th grade are strongly encouraged to participate in the pre-registration

Registration of other than 10th grade students takes place from April 7th to May 31st 2019.

Older students (born 2001 or before) can register from April 6th to May 31st. They can use either one of the two forms of identification listed below to register:

  • A web-key from island.is (Íslykill). This can be applied for at www.island.is and is sent by regular post to either a registered domicile (lögheimili), which takes 2-4 week days, or to one´s web-bank, which takes approximately 2-3 minutes.
  • Electronic ID (rafræn skilríki). An electronic ID can be obtained from your commercial bank (viðskiptabanki).

Final registration (lokainnritun) for students in 10th grade will take place from May 6th to June 7th, 2019.

Students in 10th grade can apply for a school or change their pre-registration choice up until midnight on June 8th. Their grades will be forwarded from their lower secondary school to the upper secondary school of their choice.

Registration for the Study Programme for Disabled Students takes place from February 1st to 28th, 2019.

Electronic registration for the Study Programme for Disabled Students takes place from February 1st to 28th. The same time-frame for the final registration for 10th graders applies for these students if they have not applied before February 28th. The intention is to process all these applications before the end of April.

A list of schools offering such programmes for the disabled is provided under the link Information (upplýsingar) on this site: “Listi yfir framhaldskóla sem bjóða upp á nám á starfsbrautum fyrir fatlaða nemendur”.

Registration for Distance Learning, Blended Learning and Evening Schools

The registration procedure for Distance Learning, Blended Learning and Evening Schools will be in accordance with the arrangements advertised by each individual upper-secondary school.

For further information please contact Menntamálastofnun: Tel. 514 7500 or email